The Creative Gym

You have complex challenges?

We build your creative abilities

to navigate them with confidence.

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We create virtual learning experiences to unlock the creative power within you to navigate challenges through design

We are a virtual design school and impact-driven consulting agency operating at the intersection of strategy, design, and social impact.

The Creative Gym

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The Creative Gym Approaches

1. Advance Learning

2. Cultivate Creativity

3. Empower Change

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Advance Learning

We discover new approaches to tackle challenges creatively

through exploring with communities, prototyping experiences,

and designing experiments that are ultimately shared broadly.


Unleashing innovation in the workplace through Generative AI and the Creative Power within you

Advance AI x Creativity through Collaboration with Stanford Experts

Collaborated with Jeremy Utley, Adjust Professor of Stanford University; Kathy Davies, Managing Director of Stanford Life Design Lab, and Glenn Kleiman, Senior Advisor of Stanford Accelerator of Learning at Miro Blog

Cultivate Creativity

We create learning experiences to inspire educators engage creatively with their students, and embark a journey of innovation with the school communities


Our Work

Empower Change

We design high quality, creative, and interactive learning resources in education, strategy, and design abilities to empower teams with highly actionable tools to navigate ambiguity in the workplace.


Empower individuals, teams, and organisations to drive innovation and create positive change

What can we help with?

Let's co-create innovative solutions and unlock your creative power to navigate them with confidence.

Minimal Modern Contour Buildable Circles

Strategy Consulting

Vision and FutureCast

Digital Experiences Design

Business Model Innovation

AI x Design Thinking

Supercharge Innovation

“I was able to lead my team to navigate the uncertainties we faced during COVID-19 with calm and clarity thanks to the practical tools and design abilities workshops we experienced at The Creative Gym.”

Reina, World Bank Group (IFC)

who we worked with

Innovate with us

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Tackle Challenges

Collaborate to tackle challenges your organizations are facing with design thinking and lean startup

Design Experiences

Co-create interactive learning experiences and digital experiences to empower positive change

Build Confidence

Develop your creative muscle and abilities by taking risks and failing in a safe space

Frankie Kok

Founder and CCO,

The Creative Gym

I am a Designer, Entrepreneur, and Chief Creative Officer of The Creative Gym. I collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to design strategies, digital experiences, and learning programs to empower positive changes in the school communities and workplace. Some of our works were also featured by the U.S. Department of Education (Office of EdTech), Miro, and Stanford University.

The Creative Gym

Innovate with us

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